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Energy Magazine welcomes your submissions. We publish pieces that articulate, demonstrate and substantiate the field of Energy Medicine and support Energy Medicine practitioners. Topics include Energy Medicine modalities and research, practice development, health and wellness, relevant books and much more. Whatever the topic, Energy Magazine challenges its readers to reflect, to grow and to learn.

Submitting articles is simple—just download the Contributor's Packet which contains all the details needed for submitting an article. We welcome articles at any time. Articles are selected that fit well together for each issue. Consequently, an article may not be published in the issue directly after it has been received.

Our review team reads and carefully considers all submitted materials. Energy Magazine reserves the right to accept or reject any submission at its discretion.Energy Magazine Contributor Packet Cover

Click here to download the Contributor's Packet in PDF form. This file contains writable PDF forms—download and save this file to your computer before filling in the form. In order for the forms to work properly you must have Adobe Acrobate Reader installed on your computer. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

We look forward to receiving your submission.